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Modern times have seen trends with string lengths being varied more often and a primary range encompassing around 670mm to 695mm, with the body sizes changing depending on the design.



Because of this a large range of options are available to create instruments which are truly comfortable for your body size and allow you to play your music freely, without adding to the physical stresses of playing the instrument.


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Large cello’s have tended to be used over much of the C21 as the belief that the larger cello you play the louder, more voluminous it will be, has grown. However, this is not the case as it is more down to the details of how the instrument is made, but general standardisation has allowed people to have much greater access to the larger sizes of cello.


Now, many players are realising that a larger variety of sizes are available to them.


Varieties of set up further allows adaptation of the sound qualities to find the right balance for you and create the tone you want to achieve.

There is a HUGE difference between the skill of expressing yourself and the skill of getting your message or story across.


YOU may be expressing yourself perfectly – raw and imperfectly perfect – but all that may be lessened by your instrument as IT’S not able to match you and your ideas and add a helping hand rather than make you fight for a response from it – diluting your attention and energy.


Once you start that new journey with an instrument that suits and converses with you, your ability to communicate will only build


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