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How a violin projects, it’s volume, the feel under the player’s hands and its tonal qualities are all key to the comfort of the player and work best individualised.


You want to make sure the audience FEEL something when you play not just hear you and so you need to give as much attention to all the aspects that convey your emotions and the picture you want to put paint, as you do to your playing.


Whether playing as a solo instrument, in a quartet or as an orchestral instrument, or used for other types of folk music, creates very different requirements and preferences for how you would like the sound to be produced.

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Being a musician is MORE THAN JUST PRACTICE

There are so many elements to creating bold passionate, congruent communication that allow you to create that true connection with other people through music, and that’s really all we’re aiming for.


Everyone has different balances they look for.


Where you want the balance to be between creating more volume the more you ask for on an instrument to how easily it will produce sound, and what tonal character you prefer are just some of the main considerations which can be looked at.

There is a HUGE difference between the skill of expressing yourself and the skill of getting your message or story across.


YOU may be expressing yourself perfectly – raw and imperfectly perfect – but all that may be lessened by your instrument as IT’S not able to match you and your ideas and add a helping hand rather than make you fight for a response from it – diluting your attention and energy.


Once you start that new journey with an instrument that suits and converses with you, your ability to communicate will only build


1. TALK TO ME – tell me what you like, if you know or tell me you don’t know what you like
2. WE WILL PLAN – your ideal/dream instrument
3. WE WILL MAKE – the instrument that completes you or you have no liability to keep it


Be a leader and storyteller