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String lengths, instrument body size, style of instrument and set up are all important factors in your playing. Getting these right for you can all play a huge part in how comfortable and pleasurable you find playing your instrument.


For many years in recent times the standard string length for cellos was considered to be 690-695mm. However, there is historically a much larger range than that for full size cellos and people are starting the recognise this again. Now, it is becoming common to play with a larger variety of string length in a range around 670mm to 695mm. This also encompasses a wider variety of body sizes also, depending on the design. Getting the right string length instrument for you makes so much difference to the ergonomics of your playing, especially with larger instruments like the cello.

Matching to your size can make huge differences in playability without sacrificing tone or volume.


A large range of options are available to create instruments which are truly comfortable for your body size. This helps allow you to play your music freely, without adding to the physical stresses of playing the instrument.


For each instrument, the wood is carefully chosen not only for its tonal and physical qualities but also for its compatibility with the style of the model and desired sound.

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Over much of the C21 there was the belief that the larger cello you play the louder, more voluminous it will be. However, this is not true. There is just a certain size range that will have the same overall type of tonal character of what has become expected of a full size cello.  The volume and projection is really down to the details of how the instrument is made.


Many players are realising that a larger range of sizes and designs are available to them, bringing much more variety and personalisation to the cello again.


Varieties of set up further allows adaptation of the sound qualities to find the right balance for you and create the tone you want to achieve.


Custom designed instruments can be made for you to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for


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